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Monday, February 14, 2011

Light the Lamp!

Had several problems with getting phpMyAdmin and LAMP configured this but finally figured itself out with the help of Jason. KEY: Remember the word "root" is important part of the username process. I still have a E:dkimproxy error in my phpmyadmin somewhere that may come back to haunt me (who knows). I found a fix for this E:dkimproxy in a forum but it was written in Dutch. Felt like going through google language translator for a Dutch translation but found a fix somehow or it found me.

1. Found and a forum for installing LAMP, (ordinaryjoe80 found it before, I should have looked at his tweet beforehand)

2. In synaptic manager phpMyAdmin was turned on. AVOID activating dtc.toaster (I think) in synaptic manager. I think I did by mistake.

3. Had trouble logging into phpmyadmin on localhost, did not know about the secret about using the word "root".

4. Went back to synaptic and uninstalled phpMyAdmin and thats where the E:dkimproxy error started showing up. Tried to uninstall LAMP and the evil E:dkimproxy would not allow a full uninstall.

5. So I pressed on as I thought most of my original uploads were intact (LAMP, phpMyAdmin, and Apache2. All were intact.

6. Started different combinations of logins into phpMyAdmin using the word "root" (I think in username) and IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!! how the &%$^&*(#@! did that happen? But I was really happy for sticking in with this and not giving up.

7. I even thought about the nuclear option (taking Ubuntu totally off my computer and starting fresh) for the E:dkimproxy would not go away (and still exists on my server/phpmyadmin/ somewhere).

Now onto figuring out how to fix the E:dkimproxy or figuring out how important it is, or not worrying about it.

QUACK! am I happy!


  1. It may go away after a Reboot Quack.

  2. The whole root thing is a source of confusion to me as well. When I first installed Ubuntu, I was trying to install something that kept saying it needed root privilege. So I went off to google and found out how to make a root terminal, not sudo, which I did not even know existed at the time. Now I have a Root Terminal available from my menu and I can't make it go away!

  3. Have you tried

    sudo usermod -p '!' root

    From a terminal window?

  4. Library Monk, Is that for me or quackster? Why would I try that? Just kidding. No I have not tried that as I have no idea what it means or is. If you tell me to try it I will.

  5. Thanks for the help! I saw somewhere that the dkim has something to do with the Daeman Mailer? So it may be a fix but I see many other forums mentioning this problem. I will keep looking James and librarymonk.


  6. That comment was for you James. :-)

    sudo usermod -p '!' root

    Will turn the root account off. That should take it out of the menu as well, but I'm not sure about that part.